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Awakening the Ecstatic Body: Ecstatic Woman/ Integrated Man

November 14 @ 10:00 am - November 15 @ 6:00 pm

In tribal cultures it is often a tradition that men and women spend time separately to refine skills, to learn from and mentor each other and to share experiences.  In our modern world separate time with the same gender helps us to reconnect to our past, to understand and celebrate differences between genders and most importantly to connect as our own ‘tribes’ of men and women with common goals, interests and challenges.

Integrated Man:

From time immemorial men have gathered together to give and receive support through rite, ritual and prayer. Often this manifested in an ‘initiation ritual’. In these gatherings men also shared deep insights into the collective challenges men faced in their era. They were proud of their masculine heritage and also honored the beauty of the male form. Somewhere in the advance of civilization this initiation, this ritual, this beauty was forgotten.
The Taoists believe that humans represent a time and a place for existence to experience itself in the form of ‘embodied consciousness’; that man himself is ‘a process of becoming’; in other words ‘man’ is a verb. In this 2-day event we will ask ourselves questions like: “What does it mean to be integrated?” “What parts of myself have I left aside to conform to the society in which I live?” and “Do I ever stop ‘becoming’ myself?” As always this event will be embodied, connected to the physical world, spontaneous, dynamic and adventurous!
Taoist sexual techniques for men are regarded as some of the most powerful known practices for increasing sexual energy, healing sexual wounds or traumas and developing sexual and self-mastery. Men’s qigong forms, self-cultivation techniques and the Mogadao Internal Alchemy process are fundamental tools that purify and connect a man to his arousal response. These processes bring a profound self-knowing and a natural and authentic vitality and self-confidence, which is a pre-requisite to a loving and erotic connection with a partner.
These practices are for any man who is interested in committing to a deeper sensual relationship with himself, and accepting responsibility for his own healing and vitality through sexual intimacy. Men will work separately and in a group learning ancient Taoist techniques for controlling the male orgasmic response and methods to become more, essentially… themselves!
In a tangible way these practices will augment a man’s life in the following ways:
– Increasing vitality and native energy
– Increasing breath capacity
– Increasing sensitivity (orgasmic potential, ending Erectile dysfunction)
– Increasing orgasmic control (ending Premature ejaculation)
– Increasing endurance during intercourse
– Increasing subtle self-awareness
In terms of a loving relationship these practices have the power to significantly alter a man’s relationship(s) by increasing the capacity to feel deep union with a partner.
This work is deeply healing, revitalizing, transformative and profoundly beneficial whether a man is currently in a relationship or single. The workshop is open to any man regardless of age, experience or sexual orientation.
**This event runs concurrently with a women’s event- Ecstatic Woman, with Kalpita.

Ecstatic Woman:

Let us… meet! Meet our true nature, the women we are. It is time to experience our ecstatic nature with an awareness of our true power and the strength of our unique heritage. The experience of our divine root and the connection with the vastness of our hearts engenders meeting with love and respect, and taking care of one another. Together we will discover and embody all the aspects of our feminine nature and cherish who we are in the moment… letting go of old pain, wounds, patterns and barriers; and learning how to take care of ourselves , how to set our boundaries.
Feeling alive, full of energy, acceptancing ourselves and others we move through life authentically celebrating each step of the way.
This gathering of women will celebrate each one of us in whatever face of our life we are. Alone or in a relationship, with or without kids, pregnant or in menopause working or not each one of us will bring her gifts in to the circle and be recognised, seen and celebrated as she is by her sisters.
In these 2 days we will use dance, breathing, visualization, rituals, massage, meditation, awareness techniques and sharing.
We will be sharing healing techniques, how to increase vitality, expressing emotions and the “anatomy” of our full body orgasm capacity.
Together we will create a safe and nourishing container for all of us to be and explore in love, trust, acceptance and awareness.
In the light of love we are one!
***For Women only!


Practical and Booking information:

Date: 14th&15th of November 2020, 10.00-18.00

Venue: Χοροχώρος, www.dancescape.gr

Ναυαρίνου 6, 15562, Χολαργός , 2106543435

~Reservations are required.  Contact:Maria Telidou, info@mariatelidou.gr or +30 694 976 2983

~Come 20 minutes before the event begins as we will begin precisely and entry will not be possible.

~There is a limited number of spaces.

~Wear comfortable clothing that helps you to expresses yourself. Bring a bottle of water and a notebook and pen. (Depending on the event we may inform you about further required materials.)

~The seminars will be in English with a Greek translation.

~Seminars, are open to ALL irrespective of experience, gender, age, culture, religion, sexual orientation, occupation or social status. You may all come, whether or not you have a partner, you are in any marriage, partnership or friendship relationship or even if you are single or want to stay single.

~The seminars, will include ways to mentally, energetically and emotionally connect with yourself and your partner. They include group and individual familiarization, opening and interaction exercises. No one will ever be forced to go beyond what he thinks is safe for him/her.

The seminars are open and addressed to:

~Those who wish to refine, explore and deepen the physical power of love, compassion, unity and creation.

~Those who want to continue to experience love without prejudice and to increase and maintain their vital energy.

~Young adults who want to create an authentic and meaningful foundation for love and companionship.

~Couples who want to experience a meaningful and profound new dimension in their relationship.

~Couples who may find it difficult to reach harmonious erotic communication.

~People who have been mentally or physically frustrated, injured or blocked in family or partner relationships.

~Doctors, psychotherapists, holistic alternative therapists, social workers, psychologists, educators, etc. who want to understand more deeply the connection of erotic energy to health and human behavior.

~Couples who, having busy family and work lives and having been distracted from their own needs by daily responsibilities, have lost the essential loving connection between each other.

~People who have children and adolescents and wish to educate them on the simplicity and naturalness of love and companionship.

~All those who are confused, hesitant, shy in erotic issues and have difficulty expressing or functioning in love matters.

~Those who are alone and who want to prepare for a complete physical, emotional and spiritual companionship.

~Those who are single by choice but want to maintain the best possible relationship with themselves and others and learn how to interact with others in a meaningful way.


November 14 @ 10:00 am
November 15 @ 6:00 pm


Maria Telidou


Χοροχώρος Dance Studio
Ναυαρίνου 6
Χολαργός, 15562 Greece
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