Thai Massage

“The heat and humidity in Thailand were always a challenge during my training. Nevertheless, my instructor, Nipa said that I had an excellent sense of touch.”

Atithi has trained in Thai Massage in two separate schools in Thailand in 2011 and has been practicing this art ever since.  His approach to massage is to offer a highly individualized experience created ‘in the moment’ for each recipient.  Through a variety of techniques that may include joint release, foot massage, deep tissue and acupressure as well as standard Thai techniques, Atithi uses his many years of studies as a practitioner of Chinese Medicine as a diagnostic aid to inform his personal style of bodywork.

Traditional Thai Massage has been described as “someone doing yoga for you.” It is a form of bodywork that works mainly through the release of tension and blockages along the meridians (energetic pathways in the body).  It also involves stretching and deep massage. The treatment is given on a mattress, on the floor rather than on a table. No oils are used and the client wears loose, comfortable clothing. Though a normal Thai massage takes from 1.5 hours to 3 hours, clients may request individualized sessions lasting from 1 to 2 hours or more.  To find out more go to Spirit Dome Qigong.