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There is great excitement around the planet in all that involves spiritual evolution, especially through the cultivation of personal integrity. We want to share in that buzz by offering what we deeply feel is a holistic approach to discovering our profoundest personal values. As teachers of Sacred Sexuality we find ourselves retelling the story of Tantra. The true place of Tantra in the history of human spiritual evolution is widely unknown. Consequently, the true benefit and essence of Tantra is largely misunderstood. We believe Sacred Sexuality holds an integral place in the organic, spontaneous and inevitable evolution of humanity. We intend to provide a unique container, a safe space and many open- hearted opportunities for necessary human flourishing. Please join us in this exciting time as we explore techniques and rituals of ecstasy, beauty and truth.

Taoist Sacred Sexuality practices and Tantra are two paths, two lifestyles of self- knowledge, of meditation and of transformation. We use practices and rituals derived from Tantra and Taoism because we want to cultivate responsibility for our own lives. The reason we can describe these sexual practices as ‘sacred’ is because they have the power to reach deeply into the past to heal wounds while simultaneously unlocking our human potential for ecstasy, truth and union with the divine. The deepest longing of Sacred Sex is to open the door to uninhibited human potential, so as to make this life a work of art.

Atithi & Kalpita

Tao & Tantra is a synthesis of two eastern philosophic and spiritual traditions distilled into their essential elements: Tao (way, or path) and Tantra (union, or interwoven). One may therefore consider our work as learning the ‘path of the interwoven’ or the ‘way of unity’. It is important to note, however, that while this unity might manifest through a relationship between two lovers, the heart of our work is the unity (integrity) of the individual.


Modules are descriptions of group events that take place at specific times throughout the year. They may vary in duration from 2 to 5 days but the essential structure and Tao & Tantra principles we work with are consistent. Group work is an important part of learning because it is through personal interaction where the themes we demonstrate are felt, embodied and integrated. Find out more about the workshops we offer below:


Sessions are private meetings between an individual client or couple with either Kalpita or Atithi, or both of us. Kalpita offers private sessions for women tailored to each client’s needs. Atithi offers sessions for men which tend to focus on fundamental Taoist and Tantric principles but may include qigong, yoga or acupuncture. Some sessions can be offered online as well as in person. Find out more about the sessions we offer and how to book:

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Atithi Brian Schock

Tantra and Sacred Taoist Sexuality Instructor, Yoga and Qigong teacher, Acupuncturist and Chinese medicine practitioner.

Kalpita Noumta

Dancer, Choreographer, Dance teacher, co- creator of Qi Dance!, Tantra practitioner, healer and founder of Dancescape, in Athens, Greece. Movement and dance have interested Kalpita


Kind Words

There is no other person –nor teacher or friend- in my life, which encourage me, as much as Kalpita does, to find my own path and walk along it. Kalpita approaches each one of her students as if he was the only student she has. Being herself fan of acceptance, she flirts with every form of femininity to find the one of mother in creating and taking care Dancescape.

I appreciate Atithi’s teaching very much. His is constant “liaison” with every individual within the group he teaches. He finds the equilibrium between the achievable and the desirable and progress steadily, but with respect to our body and our soul. His way of teaching is far more than gentle, is noble.

Rozanna Ploumidou, a person in love with dance and yoga
Both of you changed the way I perceive life and human touch. Each lesson helps me understand myself more, my feelings, other people feelings… a whole new world.

Thank you for all. Much love…

I am so happy I have Brian and Victoria as my guides in the long and pleasant trip towards self-improvement, through the ways of Qi Qong, Qi Dance and Yoga. Being a university teacher, I also heard the best from my students, after their experience with Brian and Victoria. I strongly suggest their sessions, for anyone that wants to enhance his/her horizons in coordinated body-soul-mind work. And, have fun too!
Yannis Charalabidis, Professor, University of the Aegean, Greece

After experiencing some groups, with Atithi and Kalpita, I can say, that beyond the structures or exercises,

that are amazing, there is something more important: the transmission of commitment! An energy that our planet and life needs urgently!

Aliki M,

Atithi is an inspired yoga teacher. He is a calm force who leads by example and helps his students connect mind, body, and soul. I am grateful for the exhilarating yoga classes I have the chance to enjoy!

Tina S

I am very happy practicing Qigong with Atithi. It was a great revelation for me! I was surprised by the simplicity of the movement and the influence it had to my energy and my perception of the unity with the world! For me it is a combination of self centering and of a deep feeling of unity with the environment! Thank you Atithi!

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