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Beloved friends,
There is great excitement around the planet in all that involves spiritual evolution, especially through the cultivation of personal integrity. We want to share in that buzz by offering what we deeply feel is a holistic approach to discovering our profoundest personal values. As teachers of Sacred Sexuality we find ourselves retelling the story of Tantra. The true place of Tantra in the history of human spiritual evolution is widely unknown. Consequently, the true benefit and essence of Tantra is largely misunderstood. We believe Sacred Sexuality holds an integral place in the organic, spontaneous and inevitable evolution of humanity. We intend to provide a unique container, a safe space and many open- hearted opportunities for necessary human flourishing. Please join us in this exciting time as we explore techniques and rituals of ecstasy, beauty and truth.
With love,
Atithi & Kalpita
Dearest friends,
Integrity, truth, openness, love and compassion; these are qualities which we hold in highest esteem. We ask, each moment, for the presence and self- awareness to move forward toward our most authentic self. We use ritual, rite, prayer and practice to refine our habituated actions down to the expression of most pure essence. We seek to enjoy each moment for what it is rather than as an inaccurate semblance of the truth based on expectation or projection. We cherish honesty in relationship and forgive moments of conditioned reaction. For, in compassion we recognize in one another the commitment to truth and to growth. We love so much this spiritual path that we walk together that we want to invite you and others like you to join us.
With love,
Atithi & Kalpita
Dear beloved friends,
Taoist Sacred Sexuality practices and Tantra are two paths, two lifestyles of self- knowledge, of meditation and of transformation. We use practices and rituals derived from Tantra and Taoism because we want to cultivate responsibility for our own lives. The reason we can describe these sexual practices as ‘sacred’ is because they have the power to reach deeply into the past to heal wounds while simultaneously unlocking our human potential for ecstasy, truth and union with the divine. The deepest longing of Sacred Sex is to open the door to uninhibited human potential, so as to make this life a work of art.
With Love,
Atithi & Kalpita

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Tao and Tantra

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Atithi Brian Schock

Teacher of Mogadao Qigong, Sacred Taoist Sexuality teacher, Yoga instructor, Tantra practitioner and co- creator of Qi Dance! In his own life and as a teacher

Atithi Brian Schock
Kalpita Victoria Noumta

Dancer, Choreographer, Dance teacher, co- creator of Qi Dance!,  Tantra practitioner, healer and founder of Dancescape, in Athens, Greece. Movement and dance have interested Kalpita

Kalpita Victoria Noumta


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