with Atithi and Kalpita

“Unless your sexuality rises and reaches to love it is mundane, it has nothing sacred about it. When your sex becomes love, then it is entering into a totally different dimension – the dimension of the mysterious and the miraculous. Now it is becoming religious, sacred, it is no longer profane.”   Osho, The Dhammapada: The way of the Buddha, Vol.2

Are you seeking a broader, yet, embodied definition of sexuality?  In ‘On the Path of Sacred Sexuality’ one takes the steps in one’s journey toward that authentic, empowered, alive, radiant and present ‘You’! 

 Taoist Sexual Practices and Tantra are both founded in the understanding that the body is a sacred vessel; a vessel we use to experience ourselves as complete and eventually integrated beings. Taoist self-cultivation techniques are movement meditation practices which nourish and energize the physical body to prepare us for a sustainable, lasting transformation. Tantric rituals and meditations cultivate the relationship with self so that our connection with the ‘other’ and the world feels like a true union with the divine.  In an atmosphere of openness and warmth we work with the feminine and masculine polarities cherished by both Taoist and Tantric traditions.

On the Path of Sacred Sexuality is a celebration of the human capacities of self-awareness, compassion, playfulness, communion and love. 

In this module participants will:

~ learn why sexuality is sacred

~ learn to drop masks imposed by society

~ get to know the truth about men’s and women’s orgasms

~ begin to accept and cherish one’s own limitations

~ learn techniques of self-awareness and pleasure

~ feel a sense of openness and possibility

~ learn to perceive weaknesses as strengths

~ become aware of one’s longing for authentic expression

~ learn how to reject outdated self- perceptions

~ refine one’s ability to identify and attract a suitable mate

~ learn to create openness, depth and spaciousness in relationship

~ begin to live as love rather than to live for love

Explore the revitalizing and healing potential of sacred sexuality in a playful, safe and joyous environment. The event is open to all singles, couples and partners of whatever style of relationship.

All are welcome regardless of prior experience, sexual orientation, age or any other designation. Participants need not be in a relationship to attend.  No one will ever be obliged to go beyond one’s limits of what one feels is safe.  

Osho Afroz, Lesvos island, Greece

August 18th-22nd, 2021

Timetable: 10.00-14.00 and 15.30-17.00.

Dynamic Meditation at 7:00

Breakfast 8.00

Lunch 14.00 to 15:30

Kundalini Meditation 17:30

Evening meeting 19:00

Dinner 20:20

2 night sessions 21.30-22.30

If someone has done module 2 (On the Path…) with us before, anywhere in the world, that person gets a 20% discount off the group price and accommodation fee. If the person did module 1 (Awakening the Ecstatic Body) at Osho Afroz in 2019, that person gets a 10% discount off the group price. 

For booking your place and prices please contact Osho Afroz https://oshoafroz.com/contact-us/