~ Dance your Fantasy, Saturday, Feb. 18th, 20.30- 22.30
~ Awakening the Ecstatic Body, Sunday, Feb. 19th, 12.00- 15.00

Dance your Fantasy: Express yourself!

A Tao & Tantra masque night full of dance and connection. We will move, shake and mingle with the other guests to loosen up the body, reconnect and relax. Music by DJ Atithi.

Traditionally Carnaval marked the end of winter and the awakening of spring. This was a time when the fresh, new and undiscovered energies of youth and vitality burst forth into society. In today’s world, masquerading as a sexy sorceress or a powerful lord can help to release pent-up tension and to access important and untapped powers lying within our hearts and minds!

Put on a costume and a mask or come as you are, in your favourite clothes!

Awakening the Ecstatic Body:

Awakening the Ecstatic Body is an exploration of the healing, vitalising and creative forces which often lay dormant within this beautiful and elegant vessel which this human life has gifted us.
Ecstasy is alive, pulsing and waiting to be discovered and manifested as our truest personal expression. There is no greater tonic to the human spirit than when sensual energy is connected to the heart!

This event will showcase techniques and rituals designed to help us, first, to feel more bodily connected to our senses and, second, to celebrate this beautiful, temporary gift we have been given without shame. We will remind ourselves of the longing and desire that is innate in us to experience ourselves and our world in bold, new ways and, eventually, to embody our love while manifesting our truest selves.

The event is open to all singles, couples and partners of whatever style of relationship. All are welcome regardless of prior experience, sexual orientation, age or any other designation. No one will ever be obliged to go beyond one’s limits of what one feels is safe.

~ Costs: Pay in advance this special price by 13/2/23
Dance your fantasy, 15 euros
Awakening the Ecstatic Body, 30 euros
Both events, 40 euros


Alpha Bank
(Please send as a copy with the receipt and your name) 

Pay at the door: 
Dance your fantasy: 20 euros
Awakening the Ecstatic Body: 35 euros
Both events: 50 euros

~ You can participate in either or both events. We recommend participating in both if you wish to attend Awakening the Ecstatic Body
~ Pre-registration is required
~ Please arrive on time for both events. Doors open 30 minutes before events start
~Bring your water bottle and extra clothes

Registration questions? Connect with us:
WhatsApp: +30 697 807 4464

Facebook: TaoandTantra