Eressos, Lesvos Island, Greece

20 Aug  25 Aug, 2023

When you hear the word ‘desire’ what immediately comes to mind?  A sound? A caress? A weekend alone with a good book?!  When you see a beautiful flower do you immediately uproot it from the ground or do you leave it to admire it later?  How about a kiss from your lover?  How do you manage that desire?

In all eastern cultures and philosophic traditions desire is an important theme that must be reckoned with by individuals interested in spiritual evolution. In Buddhism desire is seen as one of the major obstacles in reaching  nirvana. In Taoism desire is a fundamental aspect of a person’s essential nature which must be fully integrated into consciousness. In Tantra desire is seen as a guidepost toward unity with the divine.

Desire is a function of the human heart and its manifestations are as varied as the humans who feel those desires and project them out into the world.  But desire is also a surface, and in Essence of Desire we will explore what jewels of transformation exist below that surface.  We will use movement, massage, sound, meditation, the five senses and especially the sense of touch- Taoist & Tantric massage techniques to engage in a deeper relationship with self and lover.

Osho says: “I have a totally different concept of desire. First, desire itself is God. Desire without any object, desire without being goal-oriented, unmotivated desire, pure desire, is God. The energy called desire is the same energy as God.”

“Desire has not to be destroyed, it has to be purified. Desire has not to be dropped, it has to be transformed. Your very being is desire; to be against it is to be against yourself and against all. To be against it is to be against the flowers and the birds and the sun and the moon. To be against it is against all creativity. Desire is creativity.”  Osho, The Book of Wisdom.

If you have worked with us before you will recognise the container we create together to provide a safe foundation for joy, openness and transformation.  If you are new to Tao & Tantra this will be a deep dive into learning:

~ why sexuality is sacred

~ simple exercises for health, vitality and relaxation

~ about men’s and women’s orgasms

~ techniques of self-awareness and pleasure

~ to accept limitations and reject outdated self- perceptions

~ to create depth, spaciousness and potential in relationship

~ to become aware of one’s longing for authentic expression

All are welcome regardless of prior experience, sexual orientation, age or any other designation.

Timetable: Every day 10.00-17.00 with 2 night sessions


7-8am Dynamic meditation
10am-2pm Morning session
2pm Lunch
3-5pm Afternoon session
5.30-6.30pm Kundalini meditation
7pm Evening Meeting
8.20pm Dinner
9.30-10.30pm Night session ( 2 )

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