Kalpita Victoria Noumta

Dancer, Choreographer, Dance teacher, co- creator of Qi Dance!,  Tantra practitioner, healer and founder of Dancescape, in Athens, Greece.

Movement and dance have interested Kalpita since childhood. Her journey into meditation, and personal development started in India, over 24 years ago when she took Sannyas at the Osho Commune International. Her life changed forever. Using various healing techniques, practicing many meditation methods, participating in retreats, and meeting with inspired, enlightened masters has enriched her life.

In the following years she founded Dancescape, a center focusing on movement, dance, body awareness, somatics, meditation and tantra awareness. Organizing and running many different workshops and classes for 25 years with the longing to increase consciousness and creating community was a large part of her personal growth process.

Practicing living in love, gratitude and awareness on a daily basis and sharing her truth in community is her passion. Currently she teaches workshops, choreographs and continues her exploration into true, ecstatic human nature.

Kalpita and Atithi have completed the Soul Mate training for couples with Ma Ananda Sarita of Osho’s Tantra lineage.

Kalpita and Atithi have been teaching together for many years. To the great benefit of their students they have utilized each other as mirrors, working tirelessly to evolve their techniques as teachers separately and as a couple. Their complimentary differences as individuals combined with their experience as teachers and as a couple on the path of Sacred Sexuality has proven to be a dynamic and sensitive force. They believe that a safe and sacred environment is the basis for personal transformation and spiritual evolution.