5 Element Qigong workshop~ Transition Spring to Summer

Yijing I is a celebration of the transition from the freshness and vitality of spring (the wood element) into summer, the season of full and mature expression (the fire element.) In 5-element theory the liver (wood) is a fresh, new, bud full of enthusiasm for life. For the bud to flourish into a thriving plant it needs careful attention in the form of water, nourishing soil and steady sunlight. In a similar way these forms nurture and attune human beings toward our most authentic expression, at our ripe moment.

This workshop will uncover the six essential qigong forms from the MogaDao repertoire that will bring us securely through this transition. We will discuss how the I-ching relates directly to these qigong forms and to our natural lives. Participants will practice and learn these six forms as a qigong hexagram.

***Please note that the final hour will be dedicated to refinement of the forms and tips on how to begin one’s own personal qigong practice at home.

Where: Χοροχώρος Dance Studio, Navarinou 6, Holargos, Athens

When: Sunday May 21st, from 12.00 to 16.00

Cost: 35 euros/ 30 for regular students

For more information go to www.spiritdomeqigong.com  For booking, contact Χοροχώρος at 210 654 3435,www.dancescape.gr

These teachings and practices are derived from the original practice tradition of MogaDao, created and founded by Zhenzan Dao.www.mogadao.com

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