Art of Masculinity

Have you ever thought of your life as a form of Art?  Modern men’s work has become synonymous with brotherhood exercises which test men’s bravery through competition and requirements to challenge one another but often leave out significant portions of a man’s life.  In this one day workshop we will explore themes like gratitude, intuition and creativity- topics which are often absent from the dialogue about men’s lives.  We will also explore the role that a man’s vitality plays in creating the kind of life which satisfies his own vision of himself… his own work of Art.
Atithi Brian Schock is a international teacher of Taoist Sacred Sexual practices and Tantra.  He lives in Athens, where he teaches regular Yoga and Qigong classes and is an avid student of Traditional and Classical Chinese Medicine.
What to bring:
– a water bottle
– loose, comfortable clothing
– a notebook and pen
Cost: 60 euros (50 euros for men who attended Tao & Tantra Spa Retreat)
Χοροχώρος Dance Studio, Navarinou 6, Holargos, Athens
Sunday, December 9th, from 10.30 – 18.30

For more information email or call 210 654 3435 or 697 807 4464

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