I am so happy I have Brian and Victoria as my guides in the long and pleasant trip towards self-improvement, through the ways of Qi Qong, Qi Dance and Yoga.  Being a university teacher, I also heard the best from my students, after their experience with Brian and Victoria.  I strongly suggest their sessions, for anyone that wants to enhance his/her horizons in coordinated body-soul-mind work.  And, have fun too!

Yannis Charalabidis

Professor, University of the Aegean, Greece

Atithi is an inspired yoga teacher. He is a calm force who leads by example and helps his students connect mind, body, and soul. I am grateful for the exhilarating yoga classes I have the chance to enjoy! Tina S

I am very happy practicing Qigong with Atithi. It was a great revelation for me! I was surprised by the simplicity of the movement and the influence it had to my energy and my perception of the unity with the world! For me it is a combination of self centering and of a deep feeling of unity with the environment! Thank you Atithi!  Panagiota

Difficult to find the words to describe…having experienced the teaching of Atithi I would like to say that It was amazing…so centered and present this man that his energy was flowing towards so in a strong and yet peacefull vibration… A meditative experience, touched in my heart by a kind of deep love and serenity that was bringing tears in my eyes and followed me for many days after…meeting my feminine and masculine energy in a flowing way, being amazed of this transition from one energy to another and yet so in unity both…Thank you Atithi for you beautiful gift through your teaching…Argyro Davanelou

Atithi is a gifted and charismatic teacher. Really profound in the detail of his teaching. Always honest in his responses in every question I ask.

I love practicing qigong with Atithi because I feel in his teaching the relationship with exercise, nature, energy and life.

Qigong helps me to feel the inner energy of the organs of the body, and in parallel to understand little by little my inner truth.


Kaplita is a very intuitive teacher. A person who always encourages me to be honest with my true movement in lessons, but most important in life.


Thank you both for being next to me and encourage me to my path. Thankful to meet you, and happy to follow your work.