Tao and Tantra: Couple’s session

~ An open session, designed for couples that desire to move deeper in their love life, discover new ways, new paths, a sacredness in their daily life. The longing to feel something more, to experience something different than the “usual”.

~ A session for couples that want to move forward but feel stuck in patterns, old behaviors. For having a little helping hand, a small push in the right direction.

~ For those that want to offer the best to their partner, a new commitment, a new beginning, a deeper connection.

~For you that your heart and soul know that there is something more in the way a couple can be together!

Our couples sessions are highly individualized for your specific couple. This is partly because Kalpita and Atithi each have a variety of traditions, modalities or practices that we can either teach, share or use as a kind of ‘treatment’, and partly because of what the two of you bring; what your questions are, what your goals are and, most importantly, what you’re each bringing with you to the relationship and to the session. More specifically, the session always begins with us finding out about you, seeing you together, hearing from each of you. Often it’s necessary to address male/ female and then masculine/ feminine themes as well as issues from the past, whatever that may mean for each of you. Again, however, that all depends on you and what we perceive in your connection. Generally, a session lasts about two hours, though may go slightly longer.

We offer a 15 minutes online session to meet briefly and to see if this for you!
You can email us at info@taoandtantra.com to book it.
with love and gratitude
Atithi & Kalpita