Full Moon Qigong Retreat in Livadi (Delphi)

Saturday May 2nd and Sunday, May 3rd

*The hill pictured above was once an island in the middle of an ancient lake and was used in ceremonies.

Come to the beautiful mountains of Parnasos for a weekend of qigong, hiking and camping in a pristine setting.

The weekend begins Saturday afternoon with an invigorating hike from the historic watershed of Delphi along the scenic European E4 trail down to Delphi, itself. We will stop for a break in the town of Delphi and return along the same route. (Approximately 4 hours, total.)

Full Moon Qigong

Saturday evening coincides with a full moon in Scorpio. Doing qigong in the light of a full moon allows us to bathe in the nourishing yin energy of the Sun’s refracted qi. This intense yin bath serves as a tonic to all kinds of yin energy imbalances (depression, sleep difficulties, arthritis, etc.) Participants should plan to dress completely in white.
Camping Under the Stars

For those that are properly equipped and comfortable sleeping out of doors in mountain temperatures, we will plan to camp that evening in the qigong space. The same small hill offers many options for camping spaces and limitless exposure to the moon, stars and fresh, spring air infused with wildflower essence. (There will also be options for indoor accommodation for that evening.)

Phase Yang Tonifying Workshop

Our qi is the most pure just as we awaken, before the mind, body and spirit have had the opportunity to diverge, as happens in daily life. At an appropriate moment after waking we will enjoy tea and a light breakfast and move directly into qigong. This workshop will serve as a beautiful compliment to the true yin energy cultivated the previous night by cultivating true yang energy. (Approximately 2.5- 3 hours.)

Any true form of expression is the domain of the yang field. When one shouts, dances, kisses or weeps he or she is making a yang action. This standard qigong set represents the five most beneficial forms to tone the yang essence of the wood, fire, earth, metal & water elements. Done regularly, this set prepares us to penetrate the world with reliable yang qi and to feel confident in making right actions in our day-to-day lives.

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