Introduction to Sacred Daoist Sexuality

Tao and Tantra

In most western cultures sexuality is seen as separate from the rest of life’s daily events. Most people don’t realize that sexual energy- the sense of wonder, joy and self-awareness that comes from intimacy with the self or a partner- is also responsible for the quality of attention and energy we bring to everything we do in our lives. Sex energy is life energy.

In this 1.5 hour-long practice and discussion…

We will discuss a few of the 13 points of Mogadao Sacred Daoist Sexuality and begin to uncover answers to questions like:

~ How can I change my mood and lift my energy?

~ What can I do to attract a suitable partner?

~ How can I become more self-aware?

~ What can I do to increase my self-esteem and self-confidence?

~ How can I lose weight and gain strength?

~ How can I increase my sexual stamina?

~ How can my partner and I enjoy a more active and healthy sex life?

~ What is a natural way to heal from chronic pain and discomfort?

~ What can I do to increase my chances of becoming pregnant?

~ What diet changes can I make to improve my sexual health?

*We will practice qigong forms designed to increase vitality and sexual qi (energy).

*We will experiment with Mogadao Internal Alchemy- a foundation for the cultivation of sexual qi (energy).

Sacred Daoist Sexuality, like Tantra, is a lifestyle that requires some discipline. It is fortunate, then that this type of discipline is enjoyable!

These teachings and practices are derived from the original practice tradition of MogaDao, created and founded by ZhenzanDao.

Sacred Sexuality: The Daoist Lover ~ A workshop for individuals and couples