Mogadao Qigong


There are many and various styles of qigong practiced in the world today. The essence of Mogadao qigong and the characteristic that sets it most obviously apart from other styles is the accountability to transition between qigong forms. Mogadao qigong is similar and related to Taijichuan because of its relationship to the harmonization of yin and yang (negative and positive polar energy), and how it flows smoothly between these opposing forces. Mogadao qigong moves without hesitation or pause. This allows the practitioner to more easily cultivate and maintain vital energy through these archetypal and very beautiful forms.

Using these ancient and archetypal movements we will explore the harmony of yin and yang in the private body. Many practitioners will find they feel a sense of deep relaxation and openness and at the same time an increased capacity to move purposefully in one’s life.