The Art of Masculinity

Dear men,

We live in a time of competing demands on our energy.  As men our society asks for clarity, precision and performance.  In relationship we are asked for presence, tenderness and compassion.  As fathers we must provide safety, structure and discipline, and we must do all of this with a loving and open heart.  If we have time, amidst all of these demands, we ask ourselves: How do I integrate these roles?  Where is my center?  Do I feel ALIVE?

From time immemorial men have gathered together to give and receive support through rite, ritual and prayer.  The modern configuration of this style of event is called ‘men’s work’, which is very broad term. A term I have come to feel is more appropriate is ‘sacred personal practice’ and It is within this domain that you are respectfully summoned, as men, as individuals and as lovers of life, to participate.

Taoist Sexual Techniques for men are regarded as some of the most powerful known practices for increasing sexual energy and vitality, increasing libido, healing sexual wounds and traumas (ie. erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation) and developing sexual and self-mastery.  Men’s qigong forms, self-cultivation techniques and the Mogadao Internal Alchemy process are fundamental tools that purify and connect a man to his natural and authentic vitality, confidence and creative force.  These processes bring a profound self-knowing and a natural and authentic vitality and self-confidence, which is a pre-requisite to a loving and erotic connection with a partner.

Men work together, learning these Taoist essence building techniques.  Techniques which, if practiced consistently, bring a profound self-empowerment, confidence and recognition of sexual prowess as a birthright of masculine energy.


The information and practices provided in this workshop form the basis for Atithi’s personal practice.  He believes that a disciplined and sacred physical practice is his personal path to authenticity with himself, and eventually to self- mastery. As a teacher he creates a safe and sacred environment as the basis for personal transformation and evolution.  Atithi is a certified Mogadao qigong Guide, yoga instructor and Sacred Sexuality teacher. To find out more go to Spirit Dome Qigong.