On the Path of Sacred Sexuality

Are you seeking a broader, more embodied definition of sexuality? Are you interested in a sacred practice that has the power to feed the body, mind and spirit AND is rooted in two ancient traditions and thousands of years of practical experience?

Antique Taoist Sexual Practices and Ancient Tantric Rituals are both grounded in the understanding that the body is a sacred vessel- a vessel we use to experience ourselves as whole beings. Taoist self- cultivation techniques include various physical and energetic practices, which purify, revitalize and heal past traumas at the individual level. Tantric rituals and meditations nourish and cultivate the relationship with self, the other and world as the path toward wholeness and unity with the divine. In an atmosphere of openness and warmth we work with the feminine and masculine polarities cherished by both Taoist and Tantric traditions.

On the Path of Sacred Sexuality is a celebration of the human capacities of self-awareness, compassion, playfulness and authenticity. In this workshop participants will:

~ learn to drop masks imposed by society
~ begin to accept and cherish one’s own limitations
~ learn to perceive weaknesses as strengths
~ become aware of one’s longing for authentic expression
~ learn how to reject outdated self- perceptions, on all levels
~ refine one’s ability to identify and attract a suitable mate
~ learn to create openness, depth and spaciousness in relationship
~ begin to live as love rather than to live for love

Come and explore the revitalizing and healing potential of sacred sexuality in a playful, safe and joyous environment. All are welcome regardless of prior experience, sexual orientation, age or any other designation.

Atithi and Kalpita have been teaching, living and loving together for many years.  Atithi is a certified Mogadao qigong Guide, yoga teacher and Sacred Sexuality instructor. For the last 25 years Kalpita has been teaching movement, dance, body awareness, somatics, meditation and more recently Tantra. Together they have completed the Soul Mate training for couples with Ma Ananda Sarita of Osho’s Tantra lineage.  Their complimentary differences as individuals combined with their experience as teachers and as a couple on the path of Sacred Sexuality has proven to be a dynamic and sensitive force. They believe that a safe and sacred environment is the basis for personal transformation and spiritual evolution.