Qi Dance!

Are you longing to experience a more subtle and integrated sense of self? Are you interested in a uniquely transformative experience in movement?

The event typically starts with a short set of archetypal qigong movements. Participants use these archetypes to attune themselves to achieve a deep sense of centeredness. To this authentic experience of oneself we incorporate carefully selected music. With gentle and attentive guidance participants begin to work with a transpersonal theme. The combination of qigong, inspirational music, gentle instruction and the theme forms a container within which participants safely explore themselves and their relationship with others.

Significant transformations take place as participants find the courage to dance through deeply held barriers toward a total and integrated self-expression. In the light of this new expression they learn to embody and spiritualize their experience in the world through movement. No dance experience is required, it is open to all!

The choice of theme is an important part of the event planning process for Qi Dance!  The event time and place are always a part of that consideration.  Some transformative Qi Dance themes have been:

~ The Dance of Yin & Yang
~ Invoking Abundance
~ The Power of Vulnerability
~ From Anger to Clarity
~ Transitions Dance
~ Hope, Vision & Ideation
~ The Dance of the 5 Elements
~ Fear & Courage, Water & Fire

Qi Dance is an original creation of Atithi and Kalpita. Atithi is a certified Mogadao qigong Guide, yoga teacher and Sacred Sexuality instructor. For the last 25 years Kalpita has been teaching movement, dance, body awareness, somatics, meditation and more recently Tantra. Bringing together their years of experience of self-discovery through these modalities, they have crafted a structure which encourages participants to sense their own subtle, uniqueness as integrated human experience in movement.