Qigong Workshop ~ The Physical and Spiritual Significance of Mogadao Morning Medical Qigong

Tao & Tantra

Saturday October 31st& Sunday November 1st, 10.30 to 13.30

“Qigong is the rite or the prayer of ancient Daoism- and since Daoism has no dogma, since it is indeed decisively anti-dogmatic, qigong and the shapes and movements which constitute qigong are very close, I think, to the spiritual shapes of what I call the Original Soul…a pure soul, a soul, that is, whose mistakes so-called are also its medicine and its cure. Qigong is the bodily experience of that soul- and the soulful experience of the body. The two move back and forth. The soul is traded with the body, and the body with the soul. And this is qigong’s deepest healing secret…” ~Zhenzan Dao

Morning Medical Qigong is a spiritually and energetically complete set of 11 archetypal qigong forms. Morning Medical Qigong accounts for the 5-elements of Traditional Chinese Medicine and carefully attends to the transitions between yin and yang in a way similar to taijichuan.

Participants will learn:

~ A fundamental series of qigong forms

~ Subtle physical details

~ Essential poetic imagery

~ A unique spiritual significance

~ Tips on beginning a solo practice

Participants are encouraged to bring a notebook and pen for taking notes, to wear loose, comfortable clothing and to bring their own special cup for sharing tea at the end.

Where: Χοροχώρος Dance Studio, Navarinou 6, Holargos, Athens

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