Sacred Sexuality: Pleasure in Intimacy ~ A workshop for couples

Valentine’s Day weekend

Saturday & Sunday, February 14th & 15th

Are you…

…in a new relationship or have you been together for many years?

~ Do you need more depth or energy in your relationship? Do you feel something is missing?

~ Do you feel your pleasure potential is wider than what you currently experience?

~ Would you like to explore your sexual potential as a couple?

~ Are you looking for ways to synchronize and communicate more effectively?

~ Are you interested in bringing a deeper connection to all your relationships?

~ Are you curious about ways to increase your sexual energy with your partner and have a more active sexual life?

~ Are you and your partner interested in developing a sacred sexual practice together?

~ Would you like to learn new ways to enjoy and experience pleasure together?

For millennia both Daoist and Tantric schools considered feminine and masculine energies as polarities that naturally attract each other. Feminine and masculine (yin and yang) energies contain and complete each other; they need each other to exist and to thrive. Whether we are aware of them or not these primordial energies exist within all of us. The ancient Daoists developed techniques to unite these energies within the microcosm of the individual, thereby creating universal harmony. The Tantrikas created powerful lovemaking rituals designed to draw these opposite energies toward unity with existence in sacred love relationships.

Please join us for a weekend of self and mutual (between partner) exploration and energy cultivation. We will celebrate the differences between feminine and masculine sexual energies by learning physical, emotional and energetic exercises to assist the harmonization of yin and yang within the couple and the individual. We will experiment with positions, techniques and meditations. We will explore the sensual and sexual potential of our sacred union in a safe and fun environment.

We look so much forward to sharing and celebrating this experience with you!


Please bring …

~ a notebook and pen for taking notes.

~ a sarong, a bed sheet and massage oil.

~ a snack and water.


~ Please bring layers of clothing on both days. The garments should be warm and loose. They should allow you to move comfortably, and should help you to feel good about yourself.

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