Carnaval- Masquerade Ball!!

We are excited to announce the first Carnaval Bash, Saturday February 18th!

What is Carnaval?!! In times past various cultures around the world celebrated the annual rite of passage from winter into spring- from darkness to light- through ritual.  This ritual traditionally combined food, dancing and ‘social reversal’ – where norms about appropriate behavior and roles are temporarily suspended.  Costumes!!!

Come dressed as anything you like.  This is a chance to “disguise” yourself behind the mask of someone or something you always wanted to be…..and never dared- a secret fantasy, a part of yourself that needed a place, a time to- express yourself!

Carnaval also was meant as a celebration of the abundance and bounty of life expected in the coming spring.  We choose to celebrate this abundance with a modern approach… a Raffle!

A Raffle means prizes!  You will be able to win free sessions, classes, food products and much more!  Stay tuned here as we display the list of prizes.

Funky, alternative, popular and of course dance tunes will be provided by Atithi and DJ Marios!

What could be more abundant than 3 hours of music, dancing, costumes and a chance to win valuable prizes all for a 5 euro entry fee?!  

It is time to get together to celebrate this bounteous life we share with friends new and old! 

Dance your fantasy! Bring friends! Win prizes!

Some of the prizes:
Thai massage
Holistic massage
Cocoon tachyon advanced technology
Qigong session
Primal session
Energy reading
Voice reading session
Healing music CD’s
Μηνιαία συνδρομή απεριόριστων μαθημάτων στο Χοροχώρο
Φιλοξενία ζώων
Βιολογικα προιοντα


Please RSVP by Valentines Day, February 14th or 2106543435

Cost: 5 euro entrance includes one raffle ticket

(You can buy as many raffles as you like for 5 euro each)

 Where: Χοροχώρος, Ναυαρίνου 6 Χολαργός, 15562,210 654 3435

When: Saturday, February 18th from 20.00- 23.00

***This is an alcohol and smoke free event***

We can’t wait to see you there!