Private Qigong or Men’s Session

Qigong is used in Traditional Chinese clinics to treat a variety of acute and chronic illnesses, to relieve imbalances, pains and digestive disorders and to…

  • engage mind, body and spirit in a vital physical practice
  • increase energy and vitality
  • improve diet
  • lose weight and gain strength, naturally
  • relieve tension and stress, stagnation and blockages
  • regain a sense of spaciousness and possibility
  • tap into the harmony and opportunity in the universe
  • overcome obstacles to personal, spiritual growth
  • awaken one’s true nature

As for men, this session can also be a way to deepen into techniques of vitality, self-awareness and personal cultivation.  This often means learning the steps to become free of premature ejaculation or erectile dysfunction, master of his orgasmic response and eventually multi-orgasmic.  Often this kind of session will take build upon techniques learned during one of the Tao & Tantra workshops.

In a minimum one- hour session clients will learn a short set of qigong forms specifically designed for their unique energetic configuration that they can use regularly for healing and calming. Mogadao Jing cultivation (internal alchemy) or 5 element yoga may also be prescribed.  Clients should wear loose, comfortable clothing and bring paper and a pen to take notes.

Healing Touch Weekend

“Touch precedes consciousness” means that, in a certain sense, healing can begin before the moment of physical contact… and further, even before the intention has risen to the level of the consciousness. From where then does the intention arise?

In this event we are very excited to offer what are likely to be profoundly transformational tools to enliven and enrich your relationship to yourself, your lover or friend and beyond that to your family or professional life.

The weekend may include, but is not limited to…
~ meditations from Vigyan Bhairav Tantra (Book of Secrets)
~ sitting meditation for refining intention
~ tantric partner massage
~ tantric caress meditation
~ taoist self-massage techniques
~ healing qigong exercises
~ partner healing forms

Though the primary sense we’ll be working with is touch we will also explore practices which will enliven the senses of smell, hearing, vision and taste as well as intuition.

This workshop is open to couples and singles interested in creating a foundation for establishing trust and warmth in connection with a partner and accessing a deeper sense of harmony and connection as a basis for healing through lovemaking.

*Note that this event requires an equal number of participants as we will be working in pairs.  It is therefore, recommended to come along with your spouse, lover or a friend whom you feel close to and trust.  Otherwise we will need to find a suitable partner for the event.

Though the style of touch in this event may, at times be intimate, our intention is to create a space of trust and healing. Therefore, touch will not be explicitly sexual in nature.

Kalpita and Atithi are a Tantric couple on the path of Sacred Sexuality. Their complimentary differences as individuals combined with their experience as teachers and as a couple has proven to be a dynamic and sensitive force. Together they have completed Anand Sarita’s Soul Mate Couple’s Training where healing and intimate touch was a constant presence.

Kalpita’s experience as a dance teacher and choreographer for over 25 years along with her participation in many kinds of therapies (Reiki, Prana Healing, Tachyon, Join Release, Holistic Massage to name a few) has given her a unique and intuitive gift for healing touch.

Since 2003 Atithi has been on an increasingly committed spiritual path which has included yoga, qigong, taijichuan, Thai massage, Reiki and most recently Chinese Medicine. Healing touch is part of his daily personal practice and is often a feature in his style of teaching yoga and qigong.

There will be tea breaks and a lunch break.

When: Saturday and Sunday, February 23rd & 24th 2019
from 10.30-18.30
Where: Χοροχώρος, Ναυαρίνου 6, Χολαργός, 15562
τηλ. 210 654 3435

Cost:                                                                                                                                                                                Early Bird (until February 12th):                                                                                                                            Couples: 220/ Singles: 150                                                                                                                                      Standard (after February 12th):                                                                                                                                  Couples: 330/ Singles: 170                                                                                                                                      **There are a limited number of spaces for this event.

Once we receive your registration form a non- refundable deposit of 50 euros per person (100 per couple) is required to confirm your participation.  To register please email or call the number above.


Tantra is…Breath!

Breath is our most constant and unceasing connection with our world.  When we breathe we are asking and receiving life force into our bodies.  It is therefore, important that we learn to breathe consciously and fully so as to completely nourish our entire being.  The way we breathe is also important because through conscious breath awareness we can transform deeply held beliefs and unconscious patterns which keep us from feeling integrated as humans.

In this event we will explore techniques and rituals that help to reach states of whole body awareness and ecstasy.  Breath, movement and sound are important keys of Tantra and we will utilize all of these elements in our journey into the meaning of breath.

Saturday 9 Arpil 18.00-21.00

Cost: 20€ per person/30€ per couple/ 15€ unemployed

Please reserve your place by 6/4 email: or call 2106543435


Ναυαρίνου 6, Χολαργός, 2106543435


Η Τάντρα είναι… Αναπνοή!

Η Αναπνοή είναι η πιο σταθερή και συνεχής σύνδεσή μας  με τον κόσμο.  Όταν αναπνέουμε ζητάμε και λαμβάνουμε ζωτική ενέργεια στο σώμα μας. Είναι λοιπόν, πολύ σημαντικό να μάθουμε να αναπνέουμε συνειδητά και βαθειά ώστε να θρέψουμε εντελώς ολόκληρη την ύπαρξή μας. Ο τρόπος που αναπνέουμε είναι επίσης ουσιώδης γιατί μέσω της συνειδητής αναπνοής μπορούμε να μεταμορφώσουμε βαθειά ριζωμένα πιστεύω που μας εμποδίζουν να νοιώσουμε ολοκληρωμένοι ως άνθρωποι.

Σε αυτό το σεμινάριο θα εξερευνήσουμε πρακτικές που βοηθούν να φτάσουμε σε καταστάσεις επίγνωσης ολόκληρου του σώματος και σε έκσταση. Η αναπνοή, η κίνηση και ο ήχος είναι πολύ σημαντικά κλειδιά στην Τάντρα και θα αρχίσουμε να τα εξερευνούμε και να τα ενσωματώνουμε στο ταξίδι μας.


Κράτηση απαραίτητη μέχρι τις 7/4 στο ή καλέστε στο τηλ. 2106543435

Κόστος: 20€/άτομο, 30€/ζευγάρι, 15€/άνεργοι.

Τα Σεμινάρια : 

~ ΕΙΝΑΙ ΑΝΟΙΚΤΑ ΣΕ ΟΛΟΥΣ… ανεξαρτήτως εμπειρίας, είτε είσαι – είτε όχι – άτομο μόνο του, σε ζευγάρι, ομοφυλόφιλο, ετεροφυλόφιλο, νέο ή ηλικιωμένο.

~ ΕΙΝΑΙ ΑΥΤΟΤΕΛΗ… προτείνουμε όμως να τα παρακολουθήσετε όλα για να βιώσετε πλήρως το αποτέλεσμα. Μπορείτε φυσικά να συμμετέχετε σε οποιοδήποτε από αυτά, ακόμη και αν δεν έχετε παρακολουθήσει τα προηγούμενα.

~ Θα γίνουν στην Αγγλική γλώσσα, με μετάφραση αν υπάρξει ανάγκη, στον Χοροχώρο, Ναυαρίνου 6, Χολαργός, τηλ. 210 6543435

Για οποιεσδήποτε ερωτήσεις μη διστάσετε να μας γράψετε στο ή να επικοινωνήσετε με τη Jagruti στο τηλ. 6947 708544.

Thai Massage

“The heat and humidity in Thailand were always a challenge during my training. Nevertheless, my instructor, Nipa said that I had an excellent sense of touch.”

Atithi has trained in Thai Massage in two separate schools in Thailand in 2011 and has been practicing this art ever since.  His approach to massage is to offer a highly individualized experience created ‘in the moment’ for each recipient.  Through a variety of techniques that may include joint release, foot massage, deep tissue and acupressure as well as standard Thai techniques, Atithi uses his many years of studies as a practitioner of Chinese Medicine as a diagnostic aid to inform his personal style of bodywork.

Traditional Thai Massage has been described as “someone doing yoga for you.” It is a form of bodywork that works mainly through the release of tension and blockages along the meridians (energetic pathways in the body).  It also involves stretching and deep massage. The treatment is given on a mattress, on the floor rather than on a table. No oils are used and the client wears loose, comfortable clothing. Though a normal Thai massage takes from 1.5 hours to 3 hours, clients may request individualized sessions lasting from 1 to 2 hours or more.  To find out more go to Spirit Dome Qigong.