Qi Dance! in Cyprus

Qi Dance! Invoking Abundance

Saturday, March 11th from 6 pm to 9 pm

Karma studio B.M.S, Filanda Court, Larnaca, Cyprus

The session typically starts with a short set of archetypal qigong movements. Participants use these archetypes to attune themselves to achieve a deep sense of centeredness. To this authentic experience of oneself we incorporate carefully selected music. With gentle and attentive guidance participants begin to work with a transpersonal theme. The combination of qigong, inspirational music, gentle instruction and the theme forms a container within which participants safely explore themselves and their relationship with others.

At this time in the flowering of human consciousness there is a great need to connect with and to heed the call of abundance that flows through all of nature. Whether we observe the opening of a blossom in springtime or enjoy a relaxing meal with a close friend we must recognize these gifts of abundance with a grateful heart. Nature needs to give to us but are we open to receive?

In this event participants will have the opportunity to identify ways in which they block the natural flow of abundance and techniques for ‘attuning’ the physical body to the natural cycles of receiving and giving. And since abundance is attracted by energy, vitality, expression and movement, you can be sure we will Dance!

This event is open to all (men and women) regardless of level of experience, age or physical ability.

For more information and to book your place please contact Irini Pandeli at +357 99085559 or info@taoandtantra.com