Women’s Sacred Sexuality Workshop: Unveiling the Rose Within

Taoism is one of the very few spiritual cosmologies, which has never oppressed feminine traits, female instincts or women in general. In fact, Daoist women have often viewed themselves in some ways superior to men. Energy stagnates if it does not change to its yang (masculine) counterpart but yin (feminine) energy is the source and the destination of the return. “Know the male, but hold to the female” comes from Lao Tzu, in the seminal text of Daoism. One might even argue that the Tao Te Ching is a “chthonic”, and therefore feminine text.

Pleasure is a doorway to the eternal and women’s bodies are finely tuned instruments of pleasure. If we understand that pleasure is born from the truth of oneself as both free to experience any and all sensation that may arise, and, at the same time, connected to the world (one’s pleasure being a part of the whole world’s pleasure) we come closer to ecstasy.

It is with these statements that you are invited to a workshop designed to expand your perception of intimacy with your most trusted partner, lover and adorer… yourself.

Please bring …

~ A notebook and pen for taking notes.

~ A snack and water.

~ Layers of clothing. The garments should be warm and loose, and allow you to move comfortably.

Atithi (Brian Schock) is a Certified Mogadao Sacred Sexuality and Qigong teacher.

These teachings and practices are derived from the original practice tradition of MogaDao, created and founded by Zhenzan Dao. www.mogadao.com