Tao & Tantra

Beloved friends,

 As we approach the commencement of the year of the ‘fire monkey’ in Chinese astrology, we want to wish you all wonderful beginnings and continuances for the coming era. There is great excitement around the planet in all that involves spiritual evolution, especially through the cultivation of personal integrity. We want to share in that buzz by offering what we deeply feel is an ecstatic and yet grounded approach to discovering our profoundest personal values.

As teachers of Sacred Sexuality we find ourselves retelling the story of Tantra. The true place of Tantra in the history of human spiritual evolution is widely unknown. Consequently, the true benefit and essence of Tantric practices has been left behind in a mad rush toward momentary satisfaction. We believe sacred sexuality holds an integral place in the organic, spontaneous and inevitable evolution of humanity. We intend to provide a unique container, a safe space and many open- hearted opportunities for necessary human flourishing.

In the coming months we will begin to introduce a series of events with the title: Tantra is. Whatever may follow the ‘is’ in that title will reveal an essential aspect of the enormous and ineffable cosmos of Tantra. It is our wish that through these diverse gatherings, participants will come to know Tantra is as the vastness of the whole human experience.

Please join us in this exciting time as we explore techniques and rituals of ecstasy, beauty and truth.

With love,

Atithi & Kalpita


“Many times I say learn the art of love, 

but what I really mean is: Learn the art of removing all that hinders love. 

It is a negative process. It is like digging a well: 

You go on removing many layers of earth, stones, rocks, and then suddenly there is water.

The water was always there; it was an undercurrent. 

Now you have removed all the barriers, the water is available. 

So is love: Love is the undercurrent of your being.

 It is already flowing, but there are many rocks, many layers of earth to be removed.”  – Osho

“We shall not cease from exploration, and the end of all our exploring will be to

arrive where we started and know the place for the first time.” -T.S Eliot

“A journey of a hundred strides begins beneath one’s feet.” – Lao Tzu


Integrity, truth, openness, love and compassion; these are qualities which we

hold in highest esteem. We ask, each moment, for the presence and self-

awareness to move forward toward our most authentic self. We use ritual, rite,

prayer and practice to refine our habituated actions down to the expression of

most pure essence. We seek to enjoy each moment for what it is rather than as

an inaccurate semblance of the truth based on expectation or projection. We

cherish honesty in relationship and forgive moments of conditioned reaction.

For, in compassion we recognize in one another the commitment to truth and to

growth. We love so much this spiritual path that we walk together that we want

to invite you and others like you to join us.

With love,

Atithi & Kalpita