5 Element Qigong Workshop

5 Element Qigong Workshop

Saturday, December 5th, 2015
From 16.30 to 20.00
with Atithi Brian Schock

Presenting the Mogadao 5-Phase Yin Tonifying Form

“Qigong is the rite or the prayer of ancient Daoism- and since Daoism has no dogma, since it is indeed decisively anti-dogmatic, qigong and the shapes and movements which constitute qigong are very close, I think, to the spiritual shapes of what I call the Original Soul….a pure soul, a soul, that is, whose mistakes so- called are also its medicine and its cure. Qigong is the bodily experience of that soul- and the soulful experience of the body. The two move back and forth. The soul is traded with the body, and the body with the soul. And this is qigong’s deepest healing secret…” ~Zhenzan Dao

In the Mogadao 5-Phase Yin Tonifying form we accept nature’s call for stability, inwardness and to return to the self. This workshop will cover the 5 essential qigong forms from the Mogadao repertoire, which will help us arrive with presence, awareness and acceptance in winter. These 5 forms act as an anchoring point as we come to terms with all that has happened physically, emotionally and energetically in the more active seasons of spring and summer.

Where: TBA (to be announced) in Patra

Call Argiro at 261 00 03 115 or 697 73 29 350, or Panagiota at 697 43 55 868 to reserve your place. Please reserve your place by 2/12/15.

As humans qigong reminds us that we are part of nature and that we must move in accordance with the seasons. The movement between stability and transition becomes more ever-present the closer we come to our original nature.

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