Saturday & Sunday, November 28th & 29th, 2015
From 11.00 to 18.00
with Atithi Brian Schock & Kalpita Victoria Noumta

Join us for an intimate journey of exploration into two profound traditions,

TAOISM: the way of vitality and harmony with nature, and

TANTRA: the path of acceptance, love and integration.

For millennia both Taoist and Tantric schools considered feminine and masculine energies as polarities that naturally attract each other. Feminine and masculine (yin and yang) energies contain and complete each other; they need each other to exist and to thrive. Whether we are aware of them or not these primordial energies exist within all of us. The ancient T aoists developed techniques to unite these energies within the microcosm of the individual, thereby creating universal harmony. The T antrikas created powerful lovemaking rituals designed to draw these opposite energies toward unity with existence in sacred love relationships.

This will be a weekend of self and mutual (between partner) exploration and energy cultivation with techniques and meditations taken from both traditions. On Saturday we will celebrate the differences between feminine and masculine sexual energies by learning physical and energetic exercises to assist the harmonization of yin and yang within the couple and the individual. We will explore the spiritual potential of our sacred union in a safe and fun environment.

Sunday will be a day dedicated to conscious touch and physical healing through connection with the heart. The heart, in both traditions, is the spiritual center of our being. Emotional awareness, wisdom and a true loving nature are integral functions of an open heart. Conscious touch that proceeds from this center can only result in a compassionate, healing and authentic style of connection. We will practice physical touch with the consciousness of the heart.

We look so much forward to sharing and celebrating this experience with you!

Details: Saturday – On the Path of Sacred Sexuality

~ An introduction to T aoist and T antric techniques and rituals

Sunday – The Tantric Touch

~ A day of exploration of the senses through conscious massage

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210 65 43 435 or email .

– Spaces are limited! Reservation deadline: Wednesday, November 25th.

(Further practical information available after completion of the application form.)