Awakened Masculinity- Sexual Mastery- Prague, CZ

In this module, we will be exploring our connection to sexuality, grounding, security, money and our wild erotic nature. The truth is nature has given a very powerful sexual drive to men. A man’s whole brain is flooded by hormones urging him to make love regularly and discover his capacity of being an ‘alpha male.’

How many of us have been educated in mastery of the erotic arts? Our most vital life experience embodied in sexuality has little or no education. This ignorance leaves many men lost, confused and disempowered.

During this module we use Taoist and Tantric practices to breathe, move and awaken our sexual energy. Learn how to channel this energy in and upward to open Kundalini and the Chakra system. When Kundalini is awakened and Chakras are in a dynamic flow and aliveness you will know true ecstasy in lovemaking. You will be a multi-orgasmic man playing with peaks and valleys of love making, lasting for hours.

We will also be teaching practices to help with male sexual issues such as premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction and dealing with porn addiction. The combined wisdom of Tantra and Taoist practices offers a powerful transformative resource for every man, no matter what your age or previous experience in sexuality and in life.

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