Couple’s session

Tao and Tantra: Couple’s session

~ An open session, designed for couples that desire to move deeper in their love life, discover new ways, new paths, a sacredness in their daily life. The longing to feel something more, to experience something different than the “usual”.

~ A session for couples that want to move forward but feel stuck in patterns, old behaviors. For having a little helping hand, a small push in the right direction.

~ For those that want to offer the best to their partner, a new commitment, a new beginning, a deeper connection.

~For you that your heart and soul know that there is something more in the way a couple can be together!

Our couples sessions are highly individualized for your specific couple. This is partly because Kalpita and Atithi each have a variety of traditions, modalities or practices that we can either teach, share or use as a kind of ‘treatment’, and partly because of what the two of you bring; what your questions are, what your goals are and, most importantly, what you’re each bringing with you to the relationship and to the session. More specifically, the session always begins with us finding out about you, seeing you together, hearing from each of you. Often it’s necessary to address male/ female and then masculine/ feminine themes as well as issues from the past, whatever that may mean for each of you. Again, however, that all depends on you and what we perceive in your connection. Generally, a session lasts about two hours, though may go slightly longer.

We offer a 15 minutes online session to meet briefly and to see if this for you!
You can email us at to book it.
with love and gratitude
Atithi & Kalpita

Tantra is: Dance!


Tantra is: Dance!

Let’s party in a different way…..No alcohol, no smoke, just our bodies moving, expressing and raising energy in the purity of totally authentic movement. We will dance all together or by ourselves, whatever is true in the moment!

When you allow your body to move as if nothing else exists in the world…
dancing gives a natural high.
dancing is healing.
dancing help us connect with ourselves and with others.
dancing is a natural way of releasing the tensions and stressors of life.

Music? Good dance music…the kind that will lift the spirit, touch the heart,
spread the love and make you want to move!

Join us in an absolutely refreshing way of being in your body!

This is the beginning of a series called, “Tantra is:”
Join us to find out more about what we will be doing in the coming months to demonstrate the vastness that is Tantra.

Saturday 30/1/16 20.00-23.00
Entrance 5 euro

Dance studio, Χοροχώρος
Ναυαρίνου 6, Χολαργός 15562

Sooo….let us know you are coming by Friday 29/1 latest
Bring a pair of socks, a bottle of water and the desire to LET GO!
Bring your friends and be sure to reserve your place as spaces are limited.

We look forward to celebrating life with all of you!

Kalpita & Atithi

Thai Massage

“The heat and humidity in Thailand were always a challenge during my training. Nevertheless, my instructor, Nipa said that I had an excellent sense of touch.”

Atithi has trained in Thai Massage in two separate schools in Thailand in 2011 and has been practicing this art ever since.  His approach to massage is to offer a highly individualized experience created ‘in the moment’ for each recipient.  Through a variety of techniques that may include joint release, foot massage, deep tissue and acupressure as well as standard Thai techniques, Atithi uses his many years of studies as a practitioner of Chinese Medicine as a diagnostic aid to inform his personal style of bodywork.

Traditional Thai Massage has been described as “someone doing yoga for you.” It is a form of bodywork that works mainly through the release of tension and blockages along the meridians (energetic pathways in the body).  It also involves stretching and deep massage. The treatment is given on a mattress, on the floor rather than on a table. No oils are used and the client wears loose, comfortable clothing. Though a normal Thai massage takes from 1.5 hours to 3 hours, clients may request individualized sessions lasting from 1 to 2 hours or more.  To find out more go to Spirit Dome Qigong.

Sacred Sexuality: Pleasure in Intimacy ~ A workshop for couples

Valentine’s Day weekend

Saturday & Sunday, February 14th & 15th

Are you…

…in a new relationship or have you been together for many years?

~ Do you need more depth or energy in your relationship? Do you feel something is missing?

~ Do you feel your pleasure potential is wider than what you currently experience?

~ Would you like to explore your sexual potential as a couple?

~ Are you looking for ways to synchronize and communicate more effectively?

~ Are you interested in bringing a deeper connection to all your relationships?

~ Are you curious about ways to increase your sexual energy with your partner and have a more active sexual life?

~ Are you and your partner interested in developing a sacred sexual practice together?

~ Would you like to learn new ways to enjoy and experience pleasure together?

For millennia both Daoist and Tantric schools considered feminine and masculine energies as polarities that naturally attract each other. Feminine and masculine (yin and yang) energies contain and complete each other; they need each other to exist and to thrive. Whether we are aware of them or not these primordial energies exist within all of us. The ancient Daoists developed techniques to unite these energies within the microcosm of the individual, thereby creating universal harmony. The Tantrikas created powerful lovemaking rituals designed to draw these opposite energies toward unity with existence in sacred love relationships.

Please join us for a weekend of self and mutual (between partner) exploration and energy cultivation. We will celebrate the differences between feminine and masculine sexual energies by learning physical, emotional and energetic exercises to assist the harmonization of yin and yang within the couple and the individual. We will experiment with positions, techniques and meditations. We will explore the sensual and sexual potential of our sacred union in a safe and fun environment.

We look so much forward to sharing and celebrating this experience with you!


Please bring …

~ a notebook and pen for taking notes.

~ a sarong, a bed sheet and massage oil.

~ a snack and water.


~ Please bring layers of clothing on both days. The garments should be warm and loose. They should allow you to move comfortably, and should help you to feel good about yourself.

Introduction to Sacred Daoist Sexuality

Tao and Tantra

In most western cultures sexuality is seen as separate from the rest of life’s daily events. Most people don’t realize that sexual energy- the sense of wonder, joy and self-awareness that comes from intimacy with the self or a partner- is also responsible for the quality of attention and energy we bring to everything we do in our lives. Sex energy is life energy.

In this 1.5 hour-long practice and discussion…

We will discuss a few of the 13 points of Mogadao Sacred Daoist Sexuality and begin to uncover answers to questions like:

~ How can I change my mood and lift my energy?

~ What can I do to attract a suitable partner?

~ How can I become more self-aware?

~ What can I do to increase my self-esteem and self-confidence?

~ How can I lose weight and gain strength?

~ How can I increase my sexual stamina?

~ How can my partner and I enjoy a more active and healthy sex life?

~ What is a natural way to heal from chronic pain and discomfort?

~ What can I do to increase my chances of becoming pregnant?

~ What diet changes can I make to improve my sexual health?

*We will practice qigong forms designed to increase vitality and sexual qi (energy).

*We will experiment with Mogadao Internal Alchemy- a foundation for the cultivation of sexual qi (energy).

Sacred Daoist Sexuality, like Tantra, is a lifestyle that requires some discipline. It is fortunate, then that this type of discipline is enjoyable!

These teachings and practices are derived from the original practice tradition of MogaDao, created and founded by ZhenzanDao.